Inheritance Law in Turkey for Foreigners

If you have any questions about Inheritance Law in Turkey for foreigners, UT Legal can handle all the procedures for you.

When someone who is not a Turkish national has passed away and leaves behind assets in Turkey, it is important to know which is the applicable inheritance law in Turkey for foreigners the one of his native country, or Turkish Law.

For estates which include assets in Turkey the answer depends on whether the assets in Turkey are moveable or immovable. If any property is included in the estate of the deceased, then, according to Turkish Law, regardless of nationality of the deceased, Turkish law will always apply to these immovable assets, i.e. land and buildings, if they are located in Turkey.

On the other hand, if the assets are moveable, e.g. money in bank accounts, automobiles etc. then, if the deceased had a foreign nationality, under Turkish Law, the national law of the deceased shall be applied to these movable assets, and Turkish law will be applicable only to  the immovable assets. 

If you have any questions about the inheritance process in Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us.  UT Legal, through its offices in London and Istanbul, can handle all the procedures for you.

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