UT Legal was established in 2019 under the name of Nora Legal and in 2022 the firm changed its name to UT Legal. 

UT Legal is a Turkish law firm with offices in the UK and Turkey. The firm, provides attorneyship and legal consultancy services to its native and foreign clients.

UT Legal can serve all European citizens with aiming to provide a bridge for foreign clients to the Turkish legal system. The clients select to work with UT Legal with confidence for reasonably priced, result driven and straightforward approach gained from years of serving individuals and businesses.

Being aware that dealing with the Turkish legal system can be stressful and complex for foreigners and people living away from Turkey, UT Legal strive to remove the complexities by offering accessible attorneys who will communicate with you in English or Turkish, whichever your native language, to guide you through the Turkish legal processes, to offer you legal consultation and to achieve the best possible result for you.

By being based in both the UK and Turkey, UT Legal team of experienced Turkish attorneys is in an excellent position to provide the clients in the foreign countries with all aspects of legal services on matters concerning Turkey and the Turkish Law. The firm services are offered in the UK, in a convenient manner for the clients, avoiding the difficulties of having to deal with a foreign legal system in a language one might not understand.

UT Legal has developed a strong collaboration with Turkey’s leading Law academics to provide the best service to the clients in cases where a second opinion is needed or in complex cases where differences in the interpretation or application of the Law might arise.

For cases that cannot be served from our office in Istanbul we have developed a network of Turkish attorneys in the central cities throughout Turkey such as Izmir, Mugla, Antalya and Ankara.

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